Electricity Market, Natural-Gas Market, and Platform for the trading of bids/offers of natural gas – access to the Organised Marketplace Reporting (OMPR) Platform

Following its communication of 8 July 2024, GME announces that, as of today, its Organised Marketplace Reporting (OMPR) Platform is available at

Participants in the MPE, MTE, MP-GAS, MT-GAS, and P-GAS (“REMIT Markets”) are thus invited to complete the procedures specified in the above-mentioned communication of 8 July 2024 by 30 September 2024.

On 1 October 2024, the OMPR Platform will begin its Data Reporting Service for all Participants authorised to access the Platform.

For further information, please write to the following e-mail address of GME:

Publication of DTF n.08 MPE (Rev. 02):

Market operators are informed that, as of today, the updated version of DTF n.08 MPE (Rev.02) comes into force, with effective from the markets with date of flow 24 July 2024. Pursuant to Article 40.5 of the Electricity Market Rules, the new version of DTF n.08 MPE will allow GME to set the downward margins to a new default value in case the dispatching users (Udd) - of a withdrawal offer point belonging to a geographical zone and not enabled for MSD - have not previously set that value on the IPEX platform. The updated version of DTF n.08 MPE (Rev.02) replaces the previous version published on GME website.

Now online: issue no. 183 of GME's Newsletter

Platform for the allocation of regasification capacity (PAR): amendments to the PAR Regulation for the new FSRU Italy segment of Ravenna

GME would like to inform that, with the publication on its website, the amendments to the Regulation of the Platform for allocation of regasification capacity (PAR) come into force as of today - together with updated versions of the related Technical Rules (DTF) - made pursuant to article 3, paragraph 3.6, of the same Regulation, in order to regulate the organization and operation of the management segment, called "FSRU Italy segment", where the activities for allocating the regasification capacity of the regasification terminal managed by FSRU Italy S.r.l. of Ravenna will be carried out.

All parties wishing to participate in the auctions, which will be activated on the aforementioned PAR segment according to the timing defined by FSRU Italy S.r.l. and made known by GME, must first acquire the status of PAR participant in accordance with the PAR Regulation, by providing the documentation available on the GME website at:

  1. PAR Regulation
  2. Technical Rules

GME’s New Website replacing the current version on 1 October 2024

As announced on 2 May, as of today,  GME reminds that its historical website will remain available at until 30 September 2024 and that, until that date, it will be updated and remain searchable and navigable as usual. The option to download results via FTP will remain unaltered.

Thus, GME invites all users to familiarise with its NEW WEBSITE that, from 1 October 2024 on, will be the only reference portal of GME, accessible at and at

From the same date, GME’s historical website will remain available at, until its complete deactivation on 31 December 2024.


Local Flexibility Market: start of the first spot auctions by the DSO ARETI

GME announces that its Local Flexibility Market (MLF) will move into its second experimental stage with the organization of the first sessions of the Local Spot Market (MLP-Flex), as part of the RomeFlex pilot project of ARETI.

From the next month of July, the DSO Areti will procure local ancillary flexibility services by activating appropriate daily sessions of the MLP-Flex, during which the eligible BSPs may offer services to be delivered through their respective distributed resources.

ARETI will timely notify GME of the activation of daily sessions of the MLP-Flex and GME will make it known to market participants through the MLF operating system.

In particular, ARETI has communicated that the first auctions of the MLP will be held on the following days:

  1. 08/07/2024
  2. 09/07/2024
  3. 10/07/2024
  4. 11/07/2024

The timings of the auctions will be those indicated in Technical Rule no. 09 MLF.

PDC-OIL: Notification of data on the monthly storage and transit capacity of mineral oils – III QUARTER 2024

Following the notice date 19 January 2018, it is hereby announced that the "time window" relating to the collection of data on the monthly storage and transit capacity of mineral oils referred to the third quarter of 2024, is scheduled between 1st and 22nd April 2024 from Monday to Friday, from 09:30 am to 5:30 pm.

Specifically, in the aforementioned period, the persons subject to the notification obligation referred to in Article 2, paragraph 2.1, of the Ministerial Decree of 5 July 2017, no. 17433, are required to send to GME - through the Mineral-oil storage and transit capacity data reporting platform (PDC-oil) – the data on the monthly storage and transit capacity of mineral oils referred to the period September-December 2024.

Please note that, as provided for by the Ministry of Economic Development with Circular Letter no. 0014614 dated 05 June 2018, the notification of data relating to LPG depots for automotive purposes is excluded from the monthly data collection of the monthly storage and transit capacity of mineral oils.

The parties subject to the notification obligation which are not yet registered on the PDC-oil must access the platform and carry out the registration procedure described in the “PDC-oil participant’s guide”.

For further information, please contact the following e-mail address or contact the telephone numbers 06 8012 4337/4500.

Circular Letter no. 1612 of 19 January 2018

Annex A Monthly Collection of Available Storage CapacityAnnex B Monthly Collection of Available Transit Capacity

Phone scams

Following some reports received by telephone and email to Gestore dei Mercati Energetici S.p.A. ("GME"), it seems that these telephone calls are made by a supposed "GME Office" and/or so-called GME operators, regarding proposals to change the electricity and/or gas supplier due to increases in cost of energy, not properly specified, or problems in the current supply, which were followed, in some cases, by emails with similar content.

It should be remembered that GME is completely unrelated to the event mentioned above. We would like to clearly state that we do not provide, in any way, commercial services such as those described above. Furthermore, we do not use communication methods with our clients such as those outlined above.

When in doubt, we always suggest to make sure of the above by contacting your current electricity and/or gas supplier according to the contact methods made available by the same. In any case, we suggest to avoid any possible follow up about proposals such as those highlighted above, in order not to face any unpleasant inconveniences.


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